Mary’s Approach to Leadership Consulting and Coaching

I believe that leaders want to become something larger than themselves and create a mark in the world. 

My coaching and consulting stems from 30+ years of leadership experience, research-based processes, and customized services for each client and organization. I’ve worked hard at building a reputation for proven results, delivering on my brand promise with a standard of excellence and follow-through. A main distinctive of my consulting and coaching is spending time on-site, immersing myself in the environment of the organization to experience the culture firsthand. This allows me to understand a leader’s unique leadership perspective as we collaborate to set precise, comprehensive leadership benchmarks and outcomes. 

Immersing myself in the culture also generates awareness into how teams function within the organization, the communication processes utilized, degree of healthy collaboration and employment engagement, key challenges, and the trust level being demonstrated. This awareness becomes crucial in developing and establishing communication effectiveness, synergistic teams, and strong employee engagement—each built upon the foundation of trust. When an environment of trust is created, organizations and teams thrive. Business results are accelerated.

Leaders are innately wired to lead and excel, and the last thing a leader wants to do is plateau. You have the capacity to lead, the ability to influence, and the opportunity to leave a far-reaching, lasting legacy of genuine success that impacts countless lives.


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About Me

For more than 30 years I've been helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior management integrate skill, conversation, and belief into a roadmap that brings about the highest level of influence and greatest personal joy.
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