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LifeMap for Focused Living©

LifeMap for Focused Living engages you to view life through the lens of your distinct and unique personal mission and vision, enabling life to be lived with confidence, clarity, intentionality, and ultimate fulfillment. 


Design Your Legacy

Designing a legacy is living with intentionality and reflects your values and aspirations, while making a positive impact in your sphere of influence. The LifeMap for Focused Living process serves to not only design the legacy you want to leave, but it is your "living document" that helps you shape your legacy every single day!


The Process


Together we delve into your strengths, innate abilities, personality preferences, and life experiences. We define your mission, craft your vision, delineate your central belief to establish your core values, and desired legacy. We seamlessly embed and converge each of these areas into your personal and professional life. This ultimately results in living a life of intentionality, purpose, and significance.

This process enhances every aspect of personal and leadership development.



We collaborate together to design your personal and professional life of convergence. This enables you to live congruently and authentically both personally and professionally.



We engage convergence by maximizing your capacity to live with more intentionality, greater authenticity, and increased significance. Ultimately, shaping your legacy.

Lasting Legacy

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