Developing a Synergistic Team Culture

The more genuine the involvement of employees, the more sustained motivation they will have in the participation of analyzing and solving problems, resulting in the significant release of employee creativity and a commitment to what they create.

Interdependent teamwork decreases conflict, dissatisfaction, and employee turnover. Recent stats report that a record-high 55 percent of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs today. The Conference Board cited that one main reason for employee dissatisfaction was supervisors were “distant, distracted, disconnected, or demanding.” What were the main reasons for these conclusions? Conversations that fail to connect with the employees.

In today’s work environment it’s safe to say that more “team-building days” aren’t going to remedy such entrenched perceptions. The answer to higher employee engagement requires a mindset shift that affects the environment of an organization—and it begins with conversation.

It is important that companies provide training and support to its employees to develop conversational skills that will be more interactive, more inclusive, and more intentional. Why? Because it results in creating a trusting environment that builds extraordinary team relationships and accelerates business results.

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